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What does it mean to be a “Market Leader”?

We hear this term often enough, but what does it really mean?

What is a so called “Market Leader”?  At Warren Real Estate, we are fortunate to have earned this designation for decades running now.  If a company is consistently placing at the top of the rankings, it is usually not by accident.

Warren as a company has the statistics to show their track record as leader of the pack in regional real estate sales.  But the numbers are just one part of the story.  I think there is more to it.

When I joined this company myself in 2010, I was looking for something in the leadership team.  I might not have known exactly what that was, but I recognized it when I saw it early on, and it is what has kept me happy here for 13 years.  The elusive quality that I really go for in a work environment, is connection.  I knew the managers and owners at Warren Real Estate before I interviewed with them, but I didn’t really “know” them.  Soon after joining the company, it became clear to me that I was a valued member of the team.  My first office was down the hall from Bryan W. and Ed Dellert’s offices.  I was across the hall from senior agent Ken Carnes.  I regularly walked laps around the office to take breaks and would basically shout hello to Ed and Bryan, and chat with Ken when he was in.  Another regular in my early days was Ed Laine – a Realtor/maple syrup maker from Newfield.  Once, I needed help with a buyer who needed to see a place near Ed’s house.  I offered to pay Ed to help me with the showing, but he refused to take a penny.  Downstairs we had some legends of the local market – Linda Hirvonen, Alice Moore, Mo Reycroft, Lucy Missirian, Susan Lustick (all still with us).  As I was truly struggling to make ends meet in those early days, I would hire myself out to the senior agents to do errands and stand in for inspections or broker open houses.  I was thankful for the extra work between deals, and loved the contact and interaction this provided.  I’m more of a loner than a joiner so I never joined a “team” in the formal sense.  But I felt I was already on a great team, so that need was really being met.  Tam W. invited me out to lunch in those first months just to ask how it was going.  I was pleased as punch to be recognized, and again, affirmed by my leadership team through these gestures of interest and kind attention.

As the years move us forward and we encounter new challenges each year, this team continues to stay connected to their agents in the field.  I see it in so many ways, and that comes back around to values, for me.  This company is not only a market leader in the way of sales statistics; they lead the way with heart and soul.  Anyone who works here gets to know this eventually; Warren Real Estate values their people!  They make time, even in busy spells, to help; to answer questions; to plan a casual happy hour to touch base, or a town hall meeting to tackle a huge problem, with us.  It feels like they see each and every individual who plays for the team, and take time to acknowledge and thank them for their unique contribution.

So in addition to my usual “unique value proposition”, I have this to think of – how valuable it is to me, and to my clients, to have this kind of support happening in the background.

As we roll up to Thanksgiving 2023, I want to thank my company and all of its members for providing leadership, inspiration, and a wonderful work environment in a hugely dynamic industry!  And here, for your perusal, are some of our local board AND Warren RE actual statistics from the first 3 quarters of 2023!

Warren RE Ithaca City School District Residential Housing Market Statistics

Warren RE - Tompkins County Residential Housing Market Statistics

Warren RE - Year to Date Residential Housing Market Statistics

YTD Activity by Brokerage 2023

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Greeting from Linda Santos - NYS Lic. Associate Broker at Warren Real Estate